Our Males


Dierks 4-17-11 4

T & M’S Dreamin Super Dierks (Dierks)
DOB 10/29/2007
Dierks is a toy with blue eyes and has been a great male for us.  He is only 12″ tall but he doesn’t know that, he thinks he is much larger.  He will be retired soon and we will certainly miss him being in our kennel.  We will find a good none-breeding home for him.  We have kept Mason back, Dierks son, from a previous litter as a replacement.


Cross K’s Classic Gun Slingin Spike (Spike)
DOB 6/9/13
Spike is a 14″ blue merle miniature with two blue eyes.  He has already proven himself with his first two litters siring 4 blue merles, 2 red tris and 2 black tris.  He has a very nice disposition and is  really non aggressive.  He is young and we look forward to upcoming litters he sires.



Reckless 9-13 1

Outback Justa Little Reckless (Reckless)
DOB 4/20/2012
Reckless is a 15″ black tri that has 2 beautiful blue eyes.  In the aussie world, BET stands for blue eyed tri.  We purchased Reckless for that reason trying to breed for blue eyed tris.  Reckless is a clown, better not leave any tools laying around that you don’t want carried off.  He will pick them up and hide them from you.  We love him because of that and the great disposition he has.



Spring Valley Leapin Doc (Doc)
DOB 10/14/2011
Doc is a blue and tan Australian Terrier.  He is 11″ tall and weighs around 12 pound.  He is a feisty little guy with a great disposition and will take all the attention he can get. We are very pleased with everything about him. He has sired some beautiful terriers.



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  1. Got one of Dierks boys 5 years ago for my parents. He has been the best dog. My father passed away 6 months ago and Bear is now taking great care of my momma! I am so glad that we happened upon you all years ago. Thank you for such a wonderful member of the family.


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