Our Females

4 generation pedigrees are available on most of our adults and or least a 3 generation.  For pedigrees please contact us.

High Prairie Chippewa Star (Star)
Miniature Aussie – W/Blue Eyes
DOB 12/9/2012
Star 2-17-16 1
Spring Valley Queen Molly Rimfire (Queenie)
Toy Aussie – Black Tri Carriers the BET Gene
DOB 11/6/2014



T &M’S Dreamin’ Of Little Munchkin (Munchkin)
Toy Aussie – Black Tri Carriers The BET Gene
DOB 4/1/2014
Munchkin 1
 Spring Valley Mighty Rimfire Becky (Becky)
Toy Aussie – Red Tri W/Amber Eyes
DOB 3/7/2014
Spring Valley Dreamin Carle (Carly)
Miniature Aussie – Red Merle W/Blue Eyes

DOB 7/12/2015

Spring Valley Sandy Penny (Penny)
Australian Terry – Red
DOB 11/25/13
Penny 11-4-2016 1

Spring Valley Stormy Ashia (Ashia)
Australian Terrier – Blue and Tan
DOB 1/21/2014
5-8-2017 2

OO                   n
The following young females we are holding back to replace the blood lines of either the father or the mother that we want to keep in our kennel.  We will start integrating them as we start retiring the above females.  We will have pictures of them soon.



  1. I love Aussies, but have never seen a toy or miniature version. I worked for Carroll Electric in the early 70’s, and have always liked NW Arkansas… I was born in Mountain Home, moved to Stella, MO in 1956… now living in Neosho, MO. I’d like to come down for a visit sometime, but not sure when… would have to notify you first to make sure all is okay. Have a great day and take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Virgil, Thank you so much for your time last night to show us your beautiful dogs and kennel. I will ponder and pray about getting another Aussie for our family. It is a serious decision for me since I just recently gave up my registered Toy Yorkie. FYI, if I had to make up my mind this minute, I would probably pick the little red female you call Hope. I’ll check back with you soon. Pray Linda is progressing quickly! Thanks and God Bless


  3. Oh, that beautiful Ruby! I just recently lost my faithful dog Violet and was just cruising through different breeds. I stumbled upon your dogs and ruby really caught my eye. Thanks for making my day!


  4. Is Ruby Jolenes’ mother. I had a red female Aussie named Ruby many years ago, she was also very sweet.


  5. Virgil and linda i am so thrilled with nellie.she is the sweetest smartest dog. she makes me smile and i am very glad i went through spring valley aussies.she was well worth the nine hour drive .thank you for everything.😀


  6. We got Danielle from you in December, she is a great pet. She at 6 pounds and will be a year old in October.
    Do you have any puppies available now mini aussies ?


  7. We purchased our Australian Terrier from Virgil and Linda in Dec. 2017. She was flown in to us. Her kennel name was Vanessa which we use as her middle name. We call her Siri and she has brought so much joy and love to our family. She is our sons Support Animal – she does so good with him. Siri is an extremely fast learner and wants nothing more than to be right with you. Very sociable and loves other dogs. She goes to work with me everyday at our grooming salon. Sleeps in our sons bed and is loving life !!! We would highly recommend Virgil and Linda, they defiantly care about their puppies and are utd on all vaccines and in good health. Virgil will answer all your questions quickly and follows up on his puppies. Thank You for adding this amazing little girl to our family 🙂 Please contact me if you would like to speak with someone who purchased from them, You can reach me at groomermichelle@yahoo.com


    1. Thank you Michelle for the wonderful review!! It is now on our “Reviews” page. We are so glad Hunter and Siri are getting along so well together. That is the type of information we love to get. It was a difficult start but sounds like it is working out now. Keep us updated on the two.

      Thanks again,


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