Ashia and Doc’s Litter: Australian Terrier








Ashia had her puppies on 12/7/2018.  Ashia  is a blue and tan, 11″ tall.  Doc is a 12″, also a blue and tan.  We expect this litter to mature to around the same height as the parent and weigh 12 to 14 pounds . Both parent have a very loving personality, loves everyone and has an active disposition.  These puppies have inherited the same traits as Ashia and Doc. They love attention and play with each other most of the time.  The puppies in this litter are now ready for their new homes.  We sell our puppies  as a pet and can be registered in AKC.  Any one wanting a full registration, please contact us.  We ask for a $200 deposit to hold them until they picked up or shipped.  Please keep in mind, the deposit is non-refundable.  Airfare and shipping crate are not included in the price.

Byron, Blue and Tan $650








Brody, Blue and Tan $650








Braxton, Blue and Tan $650









Bentley, Blue and Tan (SOLD)









Braden, Blue and Tan $950



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